We are the only Yoga studio in NWI who offer yoga for different ages and stages of life (Samapatti Yoga) AND classes which suit the needs of those different bodies and stages of life. Come and experience the Yoga Room difference.

Chair Yoga- This class offers gentle yoga stretching all done seated in chairs or standing beside the chair using it as a prop. L1

Gentle Yoga- For those with physical limitations or who prefer a more gentle practice. Some poses done in chairs. L1

Yoga I/II- Beginning level yoga classes covering poses, yoga breathing, and basic relaxation. L1

Yin Yoga-Poses are held longer (3-10 minutes) to release muscle, connective tissue and help strengthen bones.

Yoga III- Continuing/ongoing level class where more asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation is covered. Content changes every 6 weeks. L2

Yoga IV- Mastery level course where poses are held for longer periods of time, Iyengar-style. L2

Slow Flow/ Vinyasa Flow/ Hot Flow– A continuous flow of postures linked together with the breath. L1 & L2

Hot Yoga- Done in a heated room, 89 degrees. Great detox and strength building class, poses held Bikram-style. L2

Prenatal Yoga- For stretching, breathing and relaxation for labor/delivery and recovery. L1

Power/Ashtanga Yoga- For strength building, shaping and toning class, similar to Ashtanga Yoga. L3

Pilates- Our Pilates mat class works your core abdominal muscles. L2

L1 = beginner, little or no experience

L2 = intermediate or continuing level. One year or more of yoga

L3 = advanced