Prenatal Yoga 30-hour Teacher Training

See new revised schedule below! We are starting soon, so email yogadrz@gmail.com if interested.

This prenatal yoga immersion will prepare you to teach a prenatal yoga class as has been taught at The Yoga Room since 1997 using The Yoga Room Samapatti methodology. With the many wonderful changes that take place during pregnancy, yoga can benefit you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during one of the greatest times of life.  The practice we teach will help to tone, strengthen, and make more elastic muscles, aid relaxation and help muscle tone after birth.

Training Content includes
Yoga for Pregnancy class content; Female anatomy; Pregnancy, Psychological Considerations of Pregnancy and Early Postpartum Period, Meditation, Breathing, Mudras, and Savasana/yoga nidra, Yogic Philosophy for the Pregnancy, How to Modify for Pregnant Students in a regular class, Asanas for Pregnancy with Modifications for all three trimesters, Pelvic Floor anatomy, Sequencing Principles for Prenatal Yoga, Fertility and Yoga, Prenatal Partner Yoga, Childbirth and the Early Postpartum Period, Postnatal Yoga, Teaching Practicum(seva classes)


2:45am – 4:45pm

Prenatal Class Observations
11:30am – 12:45pm

Saturdays, TBA
Meetings after class observations until 3pm

+ Teach two classes in October or November

$399 plus textbooks


Preparing for Birth with Yoga by Janet Balaskas

Yoga for Pregnancy: before, during and after (handout: Himalayan Institute)

Spiritual Midwifery by Ina Mae Gaskin

Yoga for Pregnancy by Sandra Jordan


Please call for an application. 219-226-1000

Teachers must have a minimum 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher  Registry and 2 years teaching experience.