Mike Zolfo


NACYT-10,000+,E-YRT- 10,000+

Founder and originator of Samapatti Yoga, Mike includes teachings from all of the schools of hatha and raja yoga he has studied in over 34 years of practice: Bihar, Himalayan, Iyengar, Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Bikram and other Raja, Jnana and Bhakti schools. He has studied, practiced or taught these various forms of yoga since 1984. He began studying stress reduction, relaxation training, yoga and meditation in 1984 with Jagdish P Dave, PhD. Mike began practicing yoga in 1984 to get rid of chronic tension headaches and a digestive problem. He is a certified yoga instructor from the Yoga Institute in Houston. He is a member of The Yoga Research and Education Center, and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He is the owner/director of The Yoga Room in Crown Point, Indiana. He lives with the love of his life, his wife, Mickey. They have three wonderful grown children, Breanne, Nick (and Emily, our daughter in law, AND Wylie Boone, our grandbaby)and Blake. Samapatti Yoga is a form of yoga which emphasizes the transformational aspects of yoga.


Sandy Smith

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Sandy’s yoga styles include Ashtanga, Power and Vinyasa. She is a fitness fanatic and adept yogini whose love of hatha yoga shows in each of her classes.


Jenny Lewandowski

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Jenny completed her training at the Yoga Room and loves to teach and share her love of yoga. She is relentless in her desire have all students try her YIN YOGA class as this class balances all of our Yang energy.


Jill Hayhurst

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Jill has completed several years of Yoga training at The Yoga Room. She currently teaches Yoga I and the Fluffy Yoga class. She is passionate about her teaching AND her love of yoga and all of the wonderful benefits she has received from it.

Amanda Barnes

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Amanda began practicing yoga years ago and because yoga has been instrumental in her evolving physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; Amanda decided to make a hobby into a career and lifestyle. It was the idea of a flexible body and mind that first intrigued her to start her practice, it is the healing qualities of yoga that keep her coming back to the mat, again and again.

Amanda’s classes offer a strong anatomic focus intermingled with her characteristic playfulness using movement as medicine. ” I am excited for the opportunity to work with people of all stature and form. Each one of us is different, yet so very much the same. Each one of us has a unique body, beauty , story and perspective. I love what I do, I’m passionate and I hope that I convey that passion in every class I teach.”


Jennifer Connelly

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Jennifer teaches beginners and intermediate yoga, Pilates, prenatal yoga, mommy and me yoga, kids yoga, women’s retreats, and other classes. Her love for life and love of yoga come across in each class she teaches. As an advocate for the integration of personal and professional wellness, Jennifer founded Triple W Forum, a Working Women’s Workshop, in 2009.


Erika Smith

Certified Samapatti Yoga Intructor

Erika currently teaches the Slow Flow yoga class but has taught other Flow classes and Yoga I classes!


Michelle Roccaforte

Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Yoga has changed my life in some pretty profound ways, and I feel it is so important to equip kids with the tools they need to navigate their way through this world. I want to create a space where kids can be seen and heard and express themselves, while empowering each other at the same time. I’m on a mission to bring more mindfulness, compassion and kindness into the world one child at a time!


Malissa “Annie” Mosak

Certified Samapatti Yoga Instructor

Certified Love Your Brain instructor

Annie is a former high school teacher. Show now brings her love of teaching to yoga. Annie is a firm believer in the healing power of yoga and feels blessed to share that with others.